Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Track Set

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Based on the thrilling, climatic race in Disney/Pixar Cars 3
Biggestraised track set in Cars'toys history!
A motorized booster keeps cars speeding in continuous play
Diverter allows cars to switch lanes
Includes a 1:55 scale Lightning McQueen vehicle to start the action right away


Prepare for climatic Disney/Pixar Cars 3 race action with the Ultimate Florida Speedway! At an epic 5 feet long from end to end, this play set is loaded with exciting movie-inspired details! It features a motorized booster, themed play areas, a raised track for increased velocity, and a vehicle. The booster will propelvehicles around the track at thrilling speed. As each champ tries to gain the racing edge, use the diverter so they switch lanes! Other characters cheer from the stands as their favorite racers brave hairpin turns at high velocity!Race your hardest and make it to the finish line first! This Ultimate Florida Speedway also connects to the Florida Speedway and the Spiral Garage sets to keep the Cars 3 action going and going! Other sets and vehicles sold separately, subject to availability.