SunFounder IIC I2C TWI Serial 2004 20x4 LCD Module Shield for Arduino Uno Mega2560

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Sunfounder I2C LCD 2004 displays characters of 4 rows with 20 characters in each.
Working voltage: 5V DC; Dimension: 6099x22 mm.
IIC/I2C interface; only takes two I/O ports.
I2C Address: 0x27 or 0x3F.
Works with Arduino Uno/Mega2560 board.



This is a high-quality I2C LCD 2004 display. It's in elegant blue with white contents displayed. It can display 4 rows with 20 characters for each. With IIC/I2C interface, it only takes two I/O port thus saving more for other usages. You can adjust the contrast by the potentiometer at its back. If you don't want the backlight, you can also unplug the jumper cap at the LCD back. With this shield, you can display whatever you want by programming the Arduino board. Therefore, this is a perfect choice to make your project more interesting and vivid!
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Package Included
1 x I2C/IIC LCD2004 Module